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Limestone toppings are used to surface driveways and paths. This product is unique to the Batesford Quarry.

Please note, for safety and practical reasons, we are no longer able to load cars, utes or trailers.

The Batesford Toppings are simply spread out and levelled, then compacted to the finished surface. Unlike traditional crushed rock used for driveways and paths, the natural binding characteristic of limestone ensures that your driveway or path remains intact regardless of the amount of traffic or weather conditions. This product has been used extensively on rural blocks with long entrances as it has earthly colours and blends well with the surrounding greenery. Batesford Toppings are also great to use as pathways around your gardens and will help to show off any magnificent colours you have in your garden

We produce Batesford Toppings from the hard limestone cap-rock. It is crushed and screened to a 10mm minus.

For any information on the Batesford Toppings please contact our Sales Manager Greg Williams on 0427 634 568 or greg.williams@batesfordquarry.com.au