Welcome To Batesford Quarry...

We produce and market a range of limestone and fine sand products from ourlimestone quarry at Batesford, just a few kilometres to the west of Geelong.

We are Geelong's only Aglime quarry and we are conveniently located about 20minutes from the Geelong Grain Terminals to give greater Transport utilization to carriers.

We have a current ISO9000 certificate, so you can be assured of quality when using our products.

Current Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7:00am to 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Our Products...

At Batesford Quarry, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and quality service and we are continually improving our products to suit our customer needs.

See below for some of the great products that are on offer at Batesford Quarry

Ag Lime

Ag lime, is a soft, fine high-grade lime that can be easily and evenly spread, used in cropping,
pasture, horticulture and viticulture applications. Also available is a range of Lime products to
enhance your soil for more long-term slow release products for use such as Truffles etc.

Fine Sand

Fine sand, used in civil works, horse arenas, and building and domestic applications. We have
three types, Washed, Screened and Bedding Sands.

Batesford Limestone Toppings

Batesford limestone Toppings, are made from very hard Cap rock material and has proven to be a versatile and very compactable decorative material that is hard wearing and if placed correctly will give creamy white Mediterranean look to any pathway or driveways around your gardens and property.

Limestone Products

Limestone Products used in cement manufacture, gold mine processing, acid soil treatment
applications and specialised concrete paving. We also have a hard lime compactable Toppings
product suitable for many uses such as Paths to Driveways and Roads.

About Us...

At Batesford Quarry, we offer timely and efficient loading, whether you are getting 10 tonnes
of a product or have a 68.5 tonne gross B-Double. Our 26 metre certified weighbridge caters
for any truck up to a B-Double. A-Double Trucks must be double weighed. We understand the demands of farming and for our agricultural limestone customers, we offer seasonal extended despatching hours and we always ensure there is ample stock ready for the peak season.
Please note, for safety and practical reasons, we are no longer able to load cars, utes or trailers.

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