Technical Data

At Batesford Quarry, as part of our Quality assurance, we test our Daily production of Aglime to make sure we give a consistent product to our customers. Our Aglime is subject to Independent testing as per the Victorian Lime Producers Association Testing protocol, and our sand products have regular gradings on production as well as regular testing to confirm Drainage, pH and other information required for the Civil and Turf industries. If you require a testing report contact us so we can provide you with a copy.

Technical AgLime Analysis

Aglime is a natural ground coral based, friable limestone that is produced with both qualityand value in mind. It is ground finely to insure agood result in varying soil types and is suitablefor both incorporation and top dressing forcropping, pastures and horticulture.

Fine Sand Safety Data Sheet

Fine sand, used in civil works, horse arenas, and building and domestic applications. We have
three types, Washed, Screened and Bedding Sands.

Limestone Safety Data Sheet

Limestone Products used in cement manufacture, gold mine processing, acid soil treatment
applications and specialised concrete paving. We also have a hard lime compactable Toppings
product suitable for many uses such as Paths to Driveways and Roads.

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