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Batesford Quarry operates out of the Batesford limestone quarry, just to the west of Geelong and is the only supplier of Aglime in Geelong.

Our History...

The quarry operated for over 100 years to supply limestone to the Geelong Cement manufacturing works at nearby Fyansford until the closure of the cement works in 2001. During this time, well over 100 million tonnes of limestone and overburden were excavated from the quarry.

Following the closure of the cement works, both Adelaide Brighton Ltd, operator of the cement worksand quarry Work Authority holder, and McCann family companies, owners of the land, both worked to develop markets for new value-added products using not only the remaining limestone resource,but also the long-ignored fine sand resource that underlies the limestone. Both parties were successful in developing new products and markets. It soon became apparent that the synergies of a joint operation would be beneficial to both parties, so Batesford Quarry (the company) was formed as a joint operation.

Today, Batesford Quarry is a prosperous and growing business with a good 20-30 years of both limestone and sand resources available. We currently supply lime products to our customers all over Victoria and up as far as the Murrumbidgee in NSW.

Our lime is helping to condition soil, to allow higher yields, healthier stock, fertiliser efficiency to get the best from their soils, and ensure an increase in profitability for your farm. Please check out our Products tab, as we have lime for Crops, Pasture, Viticulture, Truffles, and lots of other uses including high acidic soil treatment.

Our Sand Products are used widely in the Civil Construction, Turf, Equine, Greyhound, and Residential markets, because it is a clean and versatile product to use. We also provide a safe, friendly environment at the Quarry and our Quarry conforms to ISO 90001, so you can be assured of receiving fully tested and quality products. Test results are also available on request.

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Our Staff...

Greg Williams

Sales Manager

Contact him for any information regarding sales of Lime or Sand Products

Mark Malone

Quarry Manager

Contact him for any
information on or about
the quarry

Ros Hayman

Despatch/Weighbridge Operator

Contact her for any issues
relating to weighbridge,
orders and dockets

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